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Who Am I?

Spiritual Coach, Speaker, Facilitator

Lesley is a devoted spiritual coach, corporate trainer and entrepreneur, possessing an unwavering passion for teaching and personal growth. As the founder of Forbes Voiceover, with her team she extends her voice services to businesses in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.  Simultaneously, she made her debut as an author with the book titled “Never Perfect Always Blessed.” This poignant narrative chronicles her journey as a single teen mother, triumphing over adversity, and serves as an empowering beacon for young women. Driven by the sense of her intuition to share lead relatable discussions about life, Lesley aims to venture into the world of podcasts. COMING SOON!

Her aspiration is to launch a platform that hosts open, candid discussions on various topics including discussions impacting teen girls, single mothers, and women overall. Lesley’s unwavering commitment to self-discovery and spiritual growth finds expression in her love for writing, running, yoga, and meditation. Moreover, she actively contributes to non-profit organizations that support single mothers, including both the teen generation and women worldwide. Her ultimate passion lies in imparting self-empowerment and fostering greater spiritual awareness, empowering individuals to make informed life choices and find personal fulfillment.

Lesley Ann Forbes

 Lesley is a leader of light & advocate for self love and empowerment. Lesley believes as woman we have a responsibility to set the example to our younger generation and share the wealth of our experience in a transparent and loving way. We need share the tools and values that have stood the test of life for us while honoring our best good.

Through faith, determination and a renewed commitment to honoring & prioritizing her own self- love and self compassion, Lesley's purpose to pay it forward has become abundantly clear.

Too many girls are losing themselves to the love of false attention, social media pressure, lack of self acceptance and realness. They don’t see their own shine!

Lesley’s passion is to enlighten, teach and share her jewels of wisdom and self-empowerment with the youth, single mothers and women worldwide –

Its definitely not easy being a girl, but its powerful once you harness your own light, truth and God instilled gifts

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

How I Serve My Community!

Burst of Light

Voice for the soul experience 

“The Voice for the Soul” workshop was created to provide a space where souls can learn to honor themselves and their journeys, discover their inner strength, and embrace their power to shape their destinies.

Spiritual Wellness Retreats 

Buddha Close Up

Designed to create a safe space of nurturing and wellness for women. Fostering an energy of self love & self empowerment. My hope is that my retreats create lasting memories, powerful bonds of friendships and sustainable loving habits that honor ongoing growth and healing.

Spiritual Coaching 

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As your spiritual coach, I’ll collaborate with you on a transformative journey. Together, we’ll identify areas in your life that no longer serve your highest good. Whether you seek to create, manifest, or experience certain things, we’ll explore how to realign your perspective together!

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Forbes Voiceover 

“Your VOICE Matters Personal & Professional”
My team and I produce quality voice files for auto attendants, instructional videos, custom productions and much more. The Forbes Voiceover Team portfolio includes: Male English – commercial, animation, radio ads and documentary platforms Female English & French Bilingual – Telephony automation, instructional videos, documentary, audio book narration & radio ads.


Pink Shoe Boxes


Personally designed by Lesley – her merchandise offers spiritually Inspired Quotes: Tshirts, tank tops, book bags & more to come. 

“Plain Talk No Manners” 
Coming SOON!!

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"Sometimes, soothing the soul requires nothing more than a heartfelt conversation—an open, safe exchange of relatable stories, insights, and human testimonies about life."


"Lesley did an outstanding job connecting with the youth here, which is not always an easy task. They described her as “open, empowering and motivational” and thanked me for inviting her. I recommend Lesley-Ann Forbes as a guest speaker for youth who need a role model they can relate to, who expresses genuine care and interest in them, to remind them that good things are possible for them in life and to never give up."  

Sharon Maillet

Residential and Program Coordinator   Monica Place for Pregnant & Parenting Youth 

— Monique Hale

I would love to hear from you! 
If you have a question or want to learn more about my services?
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Waterloo Region  


The sunflower is seen as a sign of hope and warmth, positivity and strength, strong bonds and lasting happiness — always looking for the light.

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