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"Lesley had an instant rapport with the young people we serve, and was able to keep their attention, promote conversations and dialogue, and impress them with her courteous goodwill, selfless humor, and words of inspiration. She exuded warmth and provided uplifting examples of her journey, which had a tremendous impact on the group. They continued to reflect and talk about Lesley long after she left, saying that she was one of their favorite guest speakers, and expressing that her words resonated with them"
Monica Place  for Pregnant & Parenting Youth 

"The universe is a marvelous thing that gives you exactly what you need when you need it and that’s I would describe my journey to meeting Lesley Ann Forbes.  We were introduced through a mutual friend and our connection was instant.  We rode in the back of a vehicle together for the first time not know each other but knowing each other very deeply all at the same time.  I knew she would be someone important in my life then but I wasn’t clear how or why.  As the weeks passed and we shared more time and space together, we found ourselves living through similar experiences and connecting on a deeper spiritual level in how we come to understand life, how we try to live our lives and most importantly how centered the Creator – God, is to our human experience here on earth.


I was going through a traumatic series of life changes as a mature woman, single after a 38- year relationship that was let’s just say, toxic and abusive at its worse with splatters of what I thought was love but now know was not true love, at its best.  I was stuck in a spiral of not understanding how I got here, why I let my ex-partner use and manipulate me, all at the same time of having to deal with a motor vehicle accident that left me with a severe concussion, walking away from a senior executive position, and lifelong relationships that turned away from me at the lowest point of my life journey.  


Then the universe sent me Lesley Ann!  We connected instantly and at that time, I didn’t know that she had been sent to help me but I remember just picking up the phone one day and saying “Hi Lesley, I’m struggling through my experiences and I feel blocked, and I don’t know why I’m calling, other than I feel that somehow you can help me get unstuck”.   I didn’t know her work in helping others to heal but she was amazingly compassionate, gentle, open, understanding and kind, yet firm and sure in how she loved me, guided me and protected me from the emotions that I was using to sabotage and work against my spiritual growth back to myself. 


Lesley Ann is a ‘Gift from God’ with insight, wisdom and a gentle human compassion to save human souls that are journeying and have lost their way.  She will forever be my friend and I love her for helping me get back on the path to learn to love myself wholly and completely again.  With Lesley’s guidance, I know I will find more joy and feel blessed and happier about my human experiences and growth.


Thank you, Lesley, for sharing the God in you with the God in me!  May you always be favored and always loved.

Spiritual Coaching Recipient 

Lesley's Testimonials


The Journey is the Destination ...

 I believe the foundation of the paradigm shift is to bring awareness back to our Spirituality. Our spiritual health is birthplace to our selflove. Its our birthright to be loved, to participate in putting love back into the world and use love to navigate through our life journey. It was the key to my awakening and it made me become a privileged single mother and it healed the angry single mother. I now feel honored by my journey where as in the past, I felt resentful to be tasked with one of the most difficult jobs in the world. 

I want to be part of the solution in decreasing the percentage cycle of teen pregnancy among the youth. I want to start having the conversations about honoring our energy exchange within our relationships to ourselves and the partners we choose. Why we choose or accept the partners we do? 


How we portray ourselves to the world as woman. How important our sexual health and choices are to honoring self love. I just want to be the woman that reminds any girl that I am privileged to spend time with to DREAM big to LOVE her self and to know she is worthy of a rich reverent and outstanding life. And that she has the power to create it with faith, determination and the awareness of her internal light and compass. Regardless of ANY circumstance she may be facing today!

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