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Lesley's Spiritual Coaching

As your spiritual coach, I’ll collaborate with you on a transformative journey. Together, we’ll identify areas in your life that no longer serve your highest good. Whether you seek to create, manifest, or experience certain things, we’ll explore how to realign your perspective.

Traumas you’ve faced during your life journey will be acknowledged, and I’ll help you shift toward an abundant, loving, worthy, and whole mindset.

Through various spiritual practices and regimens, we’ll guide you back to your authentic self and truth, regardless of external circumstances.

Spiritual Coaching Climate 


During our sessions, honesty and transparency are essential. Your conversations and identity remain confidential. Please know our sessions are a safe place to be REAL. I am not here to judge you or impart my values on you. I simply want to help you to look inside of yourself and what you are experiencing daily.

Be truthful—it’s the key to awakening.


Please don’t say things you think I want to hear or what you think may sound “morally correct”. Being Truthful is the essential key to your awakening. That’s why you are here – you’re at awakening’s door; If what you want to experience doesn’t align with your current reality, trust the journey. You have the power to change and manifest the life you desire.

My commitment is to help you honor your journey, cultivate self-love, and exist in wholeness rather than deficiency. Even the difficult parts of your life hold value. You are worthy, deserving of an authentic life filled with love and reverence. With my support I will help you build greater awareness, courage and your own commitment to setting forth on a new enlightened path of navigating through your life journey. 


Remember, spiritual coaching isn’t tied to any specific religion; it’s about connecting with your inner essence and living a more fulfilling life.

You are not here to suffer or contribute to its existence. The Universe, God, Source of Life or whatever your spiritual conduit is – IS on your side.


With Light & Love – Namaste,


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Pebble Beach

Book Intro Chat with Lesley


Free 30-minute Introductory session to get to know each other and talk about the area(s) that are challenging your journey. 



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